March 2020 - Coronavirus Update


An important update regarding the recent changes in the way parcels are now delivered.

There are more detailed descriptions offered by the freight companies, but we doubt their agents will follow all the procedures with consistency, so we are explaining how this change affects your delivery.

It's designed to protect delivery agents and recipients from close physical contact and also to reduce or eliminate a "futile delivery attempt" when there's nobody to sign at the premises and requires a subsequent attendance at a collection outlet.

No signatures are being requested by delivery agents and it's a mandatory (but sensible and practical) change forced by our shipping providers until the threats of infection are reduced which may last many months.

We wanted to reach out and ensure you are informed about the potential impact of how our services may be affected in the coming weeks.

As we witness the rapid spread of the coronavirus throughout the world, more countries are enforcing lock down conditions as the only effective measure to contain the escalating rise in new infections.

We anticipate Portugal will implement restrictions and limitations that may extend to mandatory shutdown of non-essential businesses or a shortage of staff resources required to function at normal levels of operation - - which may vary by region.

We see a real risk that logistics will slow or stop, either for short or longer periods.

Not enough drivers will be the primary factor.

This will limit us and every other merchant's ability to send customer orders promptly or it may delay the transit time-frames with parcels being temporarily stranded in parcel depots.

In a worst case scenario, only critical freight related to medical supplies will be given priority.

Our facility is not open to the public and hence we have a lower risk profile. We have also placed a total bad on visitors or suppliers entering the premises.

There is a possibility our facility may experience reduced capacity from staff shortage if we deem it's in the best interests of our staff to self-isolate - we may also temporarily shutdown if the situation warrants that action.

Everything we do is labour intensive and it requires trained staff to work on our site - nothing functions autonomously or remotely, therfore our capacity and operations may decline, or even halt for days or weeks.

During this week, we have seen an increase in customer orders that is probably best explained by a proactive measure to stock up in case of extended outage.

Nobody can predict how the next few weeks will play out and we certainly do not wish to alarm or incite panic behavior.

However, we are now suggesting to our customers to consider ordering your coffee needs sooner, rather than later - so that there is sufficient lead time for goods to arrive without being impacted by a reduction or complete stoppage in shipping services outside of our control.

As we have seen in other countries, the situation can change in a short period of time.

Take care and stay safe.